Guetting Roulette System

The Guetting is another positive progressive system which means that you increase your bets after a win. It is a bit like Oscar’s Grind although it is more difficult to understand. The system has 4 different levels of progression and each level has multiple bets in itself with the exception of the first.

Guetting System Levels

Level 1 – 2

Level 2 – 3, 4, 6

Level 3 – 8, 12, 16

Level 4 – 20, 30 40

There are also a few rules that you need to learn before you can start playing with the system.

  1. You move up through the bets and levels as you win, but you must win a bet two times in a row before moving on to the next bet. This applies to each individual bet within a level and moving up a level.
  2. This means that each bet must be won twice in a row to be able to move up, so a winning run would look like this – 2,2 3,3 4,4 6,6 8,8 and so on. To make the rest of this explanation easy to understand, I shall refer to these 2 numbers in a row as pairs.
  3. Each time you lose on the first of a pair, drop down to the start of the level below.
  4. Each time you lose on the second of a pair, go back to betting on the first of the pair instead. So you are betting the same amount but rather than it being the second in the pair, it will be the first.

At first, that may sound complicated, so I shall give you an example that will show the different rules in practice.

Bet £2 and win. Move up to betting the second £2.

Bet £2 and win. Move up to level 2 as you’ve won the level 1 bet twice in a row,

Bet £3 and win. Move up to betting the second £3.

Bet £3 and win. Move to the next stage of level 2 which is £4.

Bet £4 and win. Move up to betting the second £4.

Bet £4 and lose. This loss was the second of a pair so move down to betting the first £4.

Bet £4 and win. Move back up to the second £4.

Bet £4 and win. Move up to the next stage of level 2 which is £6.

Bet £6 and lose. This was the first of a pair, so drop back down to level 1 and bet £2.

The example above has a lot more wins than losses but I did this intentionally so that you could see each rule in action. If you are still having trouble undertsnding it, try it for yourself on a free game and you will soon get your head around it.

Pros of this system – It’s relatively low risk in comparison to other systems because it increases bets after a win rather than a loss. After losses it quickly decreases in bet size which helps you hang on to your wins for longer.

Cons of the system – It’s hard to understand, requires some practice and possible some written notes to keep on top of where you are in the levels. Like any roulette system, it doesn’t change the odds of the game.