How To Play Roulette

Roulette is a game that is a lot easier to understand and master than blackjack but that simplicity comes at a price – a house edge of 2.7% compared to the sub 0.5% that you can get with blackjack. On top of that, the house edge can be reduced in blackjack with the use of basic strategy and this isn’t possible with roulette – the house edge is not going lower than 2.7%.

Still, it’s a fun game, it’s popular amongst players and there are a lot of systems you can use, so I thought I would add it to the site. In Roulette, you get a spinning wheel with 37 pockets and a spinning ball. The idea is to guess where the ball will land, here’s how to play it.

Find Your Table

First you need to pick a table and that applies to both online and real casinos. In online casinos, you’ll find that they offer different versions of the game with different rules and different table limits so pick whichever one you like.


In real casinos, it’s a case of finding a table that has a spare seat and then exchanging cash for chips with the croupier. Once you’re settled at the table with your chips, you wait for the croupier to tell you that you can place your bets and you can begin playing. In online casinos, it’s a case of clicking on whatever part of the table you would like to bet on, here are your options –

Black/Red Odd/Even High/Low – Each of these covers just less than half of the table – 18 numbers. It’s a double your money bet – Bet £5 and win £10 back.

Dozens/Columns – There are three dozen bets to choose from and three column bets to choose from.

Line – Covers 6 numbers and there are 11 of them to choose from (some overlap so the same numbers can be involved in two different line bets).

Corner – Covers 4 numbers and there are 22 to choose from (some overlap so the same number can be involved in several corner bets).

Street – Covers 3 numbers and there 12 of them to choose from.

Split – A bet on two numbers that can be split on the board.

Straight Up – A bet on any number – 37 to choose from.

After the croupier has announced that you can place bets, you will have around half a minute to place your bets, then you will be told that there are no more bets. Once the ball has landed in a pocket, the winning bets are marked and all losing bets are swept of the table. The winners are then paid and a new betting round begins.

When you play online, all you do is click on your bet and then there will be a button to spin the wheel. Upon clicking it, you’ll see the wheel spin and if you win, you’ll automatically be paid – it’s a very quick process. That is how you play roulette – I said it was easy to understand.

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