Oscar’s Grind Blackjack System

Oscar’s grind is a system that can be applied to any even money gambling games and blackjack is no different. I’ve also written about it for roulette. If you are a high risk player that wants to win big, this is not a system for you because it’s slow and steady. You could say that it’s a bit of grind!

If on the other hand you would like to maximize your time on the table without losing too much with the possibility of coming out on top at the end, this is one of the better systems that you can use. It goes without saying though that like all systems, there are no guarantees and there’s always a very real possibility of losing more than you win.

With that out of the way I shall get into the specifics of the system. It goes through betting cycles and the aim of each cycle is to win just 1 betting unit, then you start again. To begin with, these are the three Oscar’s Grind rules –

  1. Increase your bet by 1 unit after every win.
  2. Keep your betting amount the same after a loss.
  3. Don’t bet more than what’s required to get a 1 unit win.

With these rules in mind, I shall now go through a few examples, assuming that your betting unit is £10 to make it easy.

Example 1

1st bet = £10 – You lose the first bet. You are down £10 and because you lose, your next bet stays that same

2nd bet = £10 – You lose the second bet and you are now down £20.

3rd bet = £10 – You win the third bet so in total you are down by £10. The next bet increases to £20.

4th bet = £20 – You win the fourth bet and you are now up by £10. The cycle ends and you start again.

That was an easy example to get started, now I will move on to a more complicated one.

Example 2

1st bet = £10 – You lose the first bet.

2nd bet = £10 – You lose the second bet. You are now down £20.

3rd bet = £10 – You lose the third bet. You are now down £30.

4th bet = £10 – You lose the fourth bet. You are now down £40.

5th bet = £10 – You win the fifth bet. You are now down £30. Increase the next bet to £20.

6th bet = £20 – You lose the sixth bet. You are now down £50. Your next bet stays at £20.

7th bet = £20 – You win the seventh bet. You are now down £30. Increase your next bet to £30.

8th bet = £30 – You win the eighth bet. You are now back where you started so the next bet only needs to be £10 to get the 1 unit profit.

9th bet = £10 – You win the ninth bet. You are now up by 1 unit, start a new cycle.

The second example better illustrates the ups and downs with Oscar’s grind and I could of course give a much longer example, but I’m hoping you get the point from the two examples above.

So long as you stick to the rules highlighted above, it is possible to lose more bets than you win and still be up when you stop playing, as the second example shows. You just need to be patient and stick to the rules. Like any system, there’s a chance of going on a bad losing run which will eat away at your bankroll and there will be losing days as well as winning ones so you need to be prepared for that.

What About Basic Strategy?

Like all blackjack systems, you need to decided whether or not to use double down and split in accordance with basic strategy as you use the system. Doing so will give you better odds over the long term of play but during the short term, it will ruin the maths of Oscar’s grind.

If you are able to quickly adjust the maths as you play, by all means stick with basic strategy. If you can’t, treat double down as a hit and treat split as a regular number and take make the appropriate decisions.