Progressive Blackjack System

The progressive blackjack system is popular amongst players because you increase your bets as you win rather than as you lose. It’s sometimes called the Paroli or Parley depending on the progression you use. The progressions I’m going to demonstrate below are optional and you can of course adjust them to your own playing style or bankroll.

The main rule of this system is to increase your bets after every win either until you get to a quitting point or until you lose. When either event happens, you go back to betting the original amount. Additionally, you always use it hand in hand with basic strategy to give yourself the best odds.

You would normally start out with a higher bet with this system as it will give you more room for a slow progression that will give you a big win, if luck is on your side. Some players like to double every bet as they win (Paroli) but that’s risky because when you lose, you lose the lot. Instead, you can increase your bets by something in the region of 50% each time which will still give you a win when you eventually lose. Here’s an example starting with a £10 bet –

Bet £10 and win. Total win is £10.

Bet £15 and win. Total win is £25.

Bet £20 and win. Total win is £45.

Bet £30 and win. Total win is £75.

Bet £45 and lose. Total win is £35.

The above example is of course optimistic and does not represent the long term results you could expect, but after 4 wins and 1 loss, you are left with a win of £35. In the same situation, flat betting would’ve given you a win of £30.

With all progressive systems where you increase your bets after a win, you should have a quitting point in mind where you take the win and start again because you will lose eventually, so better quit before that happens. When should you take the win and restart? Nobody can answer that question for you, it’s entirely dependant on your playing style, how many chips you’ve got and how lucky you feel.

Using the example above again, if the quitting point was after 4 wins in a row, the total win would’ve been £75 which is good going for just 4 wins so you should set yourself a strict point at which you will quit and stick with it. Remember that when using these kinds of systems you will experience losing runs as well as winning runs so you need the chip and patience to sit through such runs.

How To Use Basic Strategy With Progressive Betting

The example above has nice easy numbers which make it easy to follow, but sooner or later with basic strategy, you will need to split and double which will change the amounts that you nee to increase your bets by.

In most cases, it is easier to ignore splitting altogether and only double if your previous wins will cover the bigger loss that you will incur as a result of doubling. It’s up to you and there’s no right or wrong answer.