What Is Roulette?

It is a game with a spinning wheel that has 37 numbers and a spinning ball. You need to guess which pocket the ball will land in.

Do Roulette Systems Work?

No, while a roulette system can increase your chances of winning over short term play by using risky staking plans, none of them change the house edge and as such, don’t work long term.

Can I make a living from playing roulette?

No, see the answer above as to why it is not possible.

Are betting roulette systems illegal?

No, you can use any system you want so long as you aren’t cheating (hidden cheat devices and past posting).

What is the best bet I can make?

It doesn’t make a difference, the house advantage is the same for all of them,

What is the difference between European, American and French roulette?

European roulette has one green slot which is the 0 which gives the house an edge of 2.7%. American has two green slots, 0 and 00 which pushes the house edge up to 5.26%. French roulette is the same as European but the zero pays out half of losing bets so this is the best version of the game to play.

Why does the house have an advantage?

The pay out for a bet on any number is 35:1 but there are 37 numbers on a European game and 38 on an American game, therefore the pay outs are not fair in favour of the casino, thus creating a house advantage.

What Is Russian Roulette?

Russian roulette is not a casino game at all. The idea behind it is a 6 chamber gun is loaded with 1 bullet, the cylinder is spun and the player holds the gun to their head and pulls the trigger. People have died doing this and you shouldn’t even think about doing.

Are online roulette games fair? Can the casino be trusted?

Most online casinos here in the UK are regulated by the UK gambling commission and are fair, so that is where you should play. To say that every roulette game on the Internet is fair would be a bit optimistic, so stick to UK casinos.

What is “live roulette” that I see at online casinos?

It is a real roulette game with real equipment. You play it like you would any other roulette game and you can see everything that’s going through a video that the casino show you in real time.

Will a casino let me use a pen and paper to track the spins?

Yes, they actually encourage it and will provide you with a pen and paper. Past spins do not influence future spins, so the casino will have no problem with you writing them down.