Roulette Betting Software = Easy Money?

When I was doing some searching online for roulette systems, I kept running into roulette software systems that are aimed exclusively towards online roulette. I found so many of them that I thought I would express my opinion on them.

You either have to pay for these software systems or you have to agree to some kind of revenue share deal with the owner. He’s my opinion on both of them.

You have to pay for the software – I found a lot of them that came with an asking price and I didn’t pay for any of them for obvious reasons, but I did look for demos on YouTube and reviews that would tell me everything I need to know without having to actually use it myself.

All of the ones I looked at were Martingale systems. You enter the results into the software as you play and then it will tell you to bet on whichever part of the table has not shown for a few spins. Some of the programs are actually capable of playing all by themselves.

While this sounds impressive, waiting until a part of the table hasn’t shown for a few spins and then betting on it is not really a roulette system at al, it is fallacy. I didn’t find a single report of anyone winning any real money with these software systems so I would not be getting my credit card out for any of them.

Revenue share with the owner – This concept intrigued me because perhaps someone had found a way to win and wanted to branch out with other on board so I downloaded one of these programs for free and it soon became clear what was actually going on.

Inside the software there were links to different online casinos where they say the software works, but these were actually advertiser links, meaning the software owner would be paid when someone signed up and lost at the casino. While they would gladly take donations and money off you when you win, there isn’t actually a revenue share model in place at all, they just make money when people sign up to casinos and lose with the software – sneaky devils.

In my searches and trials, I didn’t find any effective programs so my advice would be to stick to the more traditional roulette strategies/your own ideas and avoid the temptation of these programs because they aren’t worth the time or money that they cost.